OpenSMDI Shared Library

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Thank you very much for your interest in contributing your skills to the OpenSMDI project. There are various ways to contribute. The most obvious one is of course: use it ! There're plans to add a list of applications which use OpenSMDI to this website. If you think your application should be listed there, please send an eMail to and supply information about it, and where/how to get it.

If you're already using OpenSMDI and feel that you want to do more for it, you're of course invited to do so. First, have a look at the TODO file (which is maintained on an irregular basis, though) and see what you could do. There are always other things to do as well, and suggestions are also always very welcome. Anyway, send an eMail to and explain what you're planning to do and we can coordinate your participation.

Here are some things you might want to help out with:
  • Porting OpenSMDI to more platforms (ie. MacOS, BeOS, AmigaOS, DOS, QNX, ...)
  • Interfacing OpenSMDI with more languages
  • Writing example applications
  • Maintaining a part of OpenSMDI (ie. the website, documentation, a CVS code repository, ...)
  • Testing OpenSMDI with more samplers
  • Adding support for more audio file formats

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