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3rd January, 2017 - Website is back online

Nothing new, just re-uploaded the webiste, everything is still available.

5th February, 2011 - PBSynth for GP2X

Thanks to Grz, there has been a GP2X port of PBSynth for quite some time now. Finally, I came around to uploading it to this website.

19th June, 2009 - ZhongWen

The little "pet" project I'm working on every now and then is "ZhongWen". This is a puzzle game which, when finished, will be released for the PC and the Sega Dreamcast, but I'd go as far as to say that it should be portable to any platform with some kind of OpenGL support.
Here is an in-game video:

zhongwen.avi (320x240 XviD/MP3, 2.32MB)

The graphics are naturally not that advanced since I'm not that much of a designer, really. But you should get the game mechanics idea.
There are several extras, you can create chain reactions. There can be more that one path in one level, and each path is defined as a bezier curve.

30th May, 2009 - MODPlay v0.66

The MODPlay library was used in many GP32 projects, and even today, it is still part of many independent games and of the libogc library which in turn is part of devkitpro. In the meantime, I have rewritten MODPlay. It supports the MOD, S3M and XM formats now and is expandable.

30th May, 2009 - Back Online

I hope some people will still remember me :-) After a couple of years, I decided to put up a small website again. For now, it contains the projects I have been working on. I'd like to improve them and to work on new, interesting ones in the future.
My special interest lies in signal processing, so I'm planning to work further on PBSynth such that it can handle sound samples and has a built-in sequencer. Of course, there would be a C++ player library for use in own applications.
If you have questions or comments, contact me at chnowak@web.de.

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Christian Nowak <chnowak@web.de>

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