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Space Mission DX

Space Mission is a game my brother has written using the Basic programming language on the Commodore Plus/4 home computer. Later on, I made a sequel for the Game Boy Color. It is written completely using assembly language. The objective of the game is to destroy all satellites with your starship in maze-like levels. Anyway, you can just change direction of your starship by rotating it - you can't accelerate or brake!


Space Mission DX Binary: Space Mission DX (Bung V4) (PD) [C].zip (16KB)
Space Mission DX Assembly Sources & Binary: gbc_space_mission_dx_bin+source_-_chn.rar (112KB)

GBC Intro Collection

The GBC Intro Collection contains the Intros to all GBC Games releases, selectable from a menu (which could easily pass as an Intro on its own ;-), sorted by the release numbers. It has been written completely in assembly language and works on the real Hardware (GBC as well as GBA). Please note that the source distribution is newer and contains 31 intros and an updated scrolltext, whereas the GoodGBX distribution contains only 30 intros. The Intro Collection uses my GBC gfxlib which is included in the source distribution as a binary (gfxlib.lib).


GBC Intro Collection GoodGBX distribution: GBC Intro Collection (PD) [C].zip (83KB)
GBC Intro Collection source & binary distribution: gbc_introcollection_v2_bin+source_-_chn.rar (354KB)

Dz80, a Z80 Disassembler

This is some kind of "side product" of Masterlator, because CPU cores/emulators and disassemblers have pretty much in common. Start the program from the command line with a file name, for example like this:

chndz80 in.bin >out.asm


Win32 binary of DZ80: chndz80.rar (18KB)

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