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Nintendo SNES

Before you can operate any selfbuilt circuit on the SNES, you'll have to disable a chip inside the unit called the CIC, Security or Lockout Chip. It prevents any cartridge (or copier) from running if it doesn't have such a chip, too. Disabling the chip inside the SNES is relatively easy and involves disconneting pin 4 of it. The chip is labeled F411, F413A, F411A or similar. Go to the gamesx website to find a description of the process with a few pictures.

The pinout of the SNES cartridge connector:

PinName PinName
6A11 37A12
7A10 38A13
8A9 39A14
9A8 40A15
10A7 41A16
11A6 42A17
12A5 43A18
13A4 44A19
14A3 45A20
15A2 46A21
16A1 47A22
17A0 48A23
18/IRQ 49/ROM
19D0 50D4
20D1 51D5
21D2 52D6
22D3 53D7
23/RE 54/WE
26/RAM 57nc
275V 585V

Both the ROM and battery backed RAM aren't mapped into the SNES' address space in a linear fashion but are rather scattered, plus there are two different ROM/SRAM configurations called LOROM and HIROM which makes the resulting mapper circuit of the SNES board relatively complex. The address lines a16..a23 are referred to as the bank number and a0..a15 as the address. This is just a naming convention and doesn't imply the need of any special circuitry.

LOROM configuration:
SNES bank SNES address ROM address
$00..$6F $8000..$FFFF $000000..$37FFFF
$80..$EF $8000..$FFFF $000000..$37FFFF
SNES bank SNES address SRAM address
$70..$77 $0000..$7FFF $000000..$03FFFF

HIROM configuration:
SNES bank SNES address ROM address
$40..$6F $0000..$FFFF $000000..$2FFFFF
$C0..$FF $0000..$FFFF $000000..$3FFFFF
$00..$3F $8000..$FFFF Mirror of banks $C0..$FF
$80..$BF $8000..$FFFF Mirror of banks $C0..$FF
SNES bank SNES address SRAM address
$70..$77 $0000..$7FFF $000000..$03FFFF
$00..$0F $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF
$10..$1F $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF
$20..$2F $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF
$30..$3F $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF
$80..$8F $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF
$90..$9F $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF
$A0..$AF $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF
$B0..$BF $6000..$7FFF $000000..$01FFFF

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