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Multi Console Copier

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Schematics and Pictures

If you need a description of how the circuits work, don't hesitate to contact me and ask. If there are enough people requesting descriptions, I'll write them.
The software for the dev system is in development right now and will be available for download here some time soon.

Item Schematic Scan
Main RAM Cart ramcart.gif (1674x1098, 70kb) ramboard.jpg (638x836, 127kb)
8bit Extension 8bit-extension.gif (1287x1149, 45kb) ..
16bit Extension 16bit-extension.gif (1200x1105, 37kb) ..
Battery Backed RAM Cart battery-ram.gif (1242x1133, 27kb) battery-ram.jpg (618x525, 88kb)
SNES Board snesboard.gif (1957x3565, 120kb) snesboard.jpg (618x987, 191kb)
Genesis Board genesisboard.gif (940x765, 28kb) -- N/A --
Parallel Port I/O Cart (Used to program the RAM carts) pio.gif (2237x2066, 94kb) pio.jpg (962x624, 186kb)

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