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Multi Console Copier

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Some Comments

In the schematics, the SN74xxx series TTL ICs are used. However, when you actually build them, you should use the low power shottky versions (SN74LSxxx) of the ICs as they're fast, cheap and widely available.
Every schematic contains one 47µF capacitor which should be placed near the power source on the board and one 0.1µF (=100nF) capacitor for each IC which should be placed as close to the respective IC as possible on the board.
Some connectors in the schematics have labels like "To Console Board" or "To RAM Cart". Apparently, the schematic is connected with the specified other circuit at this point. The pins of the connectors in either schematic do have the same configuration, ie. pin 20 of the upper connector in the first circuit is being connected with pin 20 of ther upper connector in the second circuit. This isn't exactly correct but easier to look up and read when soldering.
If there are numbers printed near each edge of a connector like in the schematic of the SNES board (CON1, 5-27 on the left and 36-58 on the right side), these numbers refer to the real numbering of the pins on the console's cartridge connector.

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