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Giana's Return

If you want to follow the current development of Giana's Return (which I'm not involved in anymore), please visit its official website. This project is developed completely from scratch. This website is about the version of Giana's Return I have been working on between 2002 and 2005. Originally, I was just toying with a Jump'n Run which happened to use Giana's sprites. Later on, it evolved into a fully featured sequel to Giana Sisters which was released for Windows, GP32 and Sega Dreamcast. Anyway, as the code was never meant to be evolving the way it did, it was becoming increasingly hard and frustrating to develop it further later on. Quite simple, the code is a mess. Additionally, issues in real life kicked in, such that I found myself being unable to develop the game any further.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of the beta:



You might already know these screenshots. However, there's more :-) In the course of developing the game, I made screenshots, too. This is what a typical debugging session looked like:

Furthermore, in the beginning, I made some screenshots of the game's evolution as I gradually added more and more features. Yes, Giana learned to walk, jump and collect diamonds, too! ;-)
There are more pictures. If there's interest in having a look at them, let me know.



There is some music I made for the game in the MOD format. The first song has not made it into the game:

World 1.22: world1_22.mod (100KB) -> world1_22.mp3 (1.896KB)
Water 1: water1.mod (45KB) -> water1.mp3 (2.067KB)
Snow 2: snow2.mod (129KB) -> snow2.mp3 (2.612KB)

And here is a nice video capture of stage 16:

Stage 16 video in Xvid/MP3 format: gianas_return_v0.91b.avi (5.069KB)

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